Floor cleaning and Maintenance

Floor cleaning and Maintenance
Our powerful Rotovac 360 restores tiles & grout and removes tough stains and shadowing better than the competition.

    1. Tile and Grout scrubbing with our powerful Rotovac System
    2. Strip and Wax job with the most durable and shine finished products.
    3. Subject to a customer request, we can provide “Sealing Grout” service for your floors.

* Sealing grout helps to add an impenetrable barrier that helps to repel rather than absorb anything that might be spilled on the grout. Once grout dries, it has a surface that is very absorptive. You need to make sure to apply a grout sealer as soon as he can to help perfect it and keep it clean. It makes your floor looks better too! When grout is properly sealed, it takes a lot longer to get stained. It also makes it a lot easier to clean up spills and it makes it so you do not have to do any deep cleaning on your tile grout for it a long time. While there is not sealer that is 100% resistance everything, our premium sealer helps quite a bit.


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